Focused Efficiency.

GROUPE ENTITÉ is a communications consulting agency based in Auxerre (France), 2 hours from Paris.
25 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE that will open up your communication,
to GROW and DEVELOP your activities.
Get away from the path beaten by Parisian agencies...
A comfortable one that leads to their own navel and that disregards their clients,
thinking of them as numbers or a line in the balance sheet.

So, if you prefer efficiency to a song and dance...
A firm handshake to a bright, counterfeit smile...
If you prefer moderate and honest rates to market prices...
Availability, answers to all your inquiries and strong reactivity.
If you are looking for brain power that is leaner and meaner.
Contact us.

Creative work

Together with our clients, we develop and strengthen brand territory.
We empower its value proposition.
We deepen the emotional link between the brand and its target (internal, B2B, B2C).
We think more about the content than the format.
Through an experienced team and a network of specialized partners.

Groupe Entité integrates :

Marketing and auditing consulting, copywriting, artistic design,
design, pre-press, production follow-up,
print, internet, media.

In an ongoing effort to optimize our clients’ budget.


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 10, rue du Temple
 +33 (0)3 86 72 00 60
 Monday - Friday :
9:00→ 19:00

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